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How to become a fashion model

If you dream to start a modeling career, follow these tips.

December 2019

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How to find a good boudoir photographer

Are you looking for advice to experience an extraordinary boudoir experience?

November 2019

What is a boudoir photo session?

A boudoir session is a sexy photoshoot style featuring intimate, sensual, romantic, and sometimes erotic images, many brides surprise their partners with an album before or after the wedding.

November 2019

How to become a runway photographer

If you want to start a career as a fashion show photographer, pay attention to these tips!

December 2019

9 must have items for the fashion week

Do you want to know what I take with me to photograph fashion shows? Keep reading!

January 2020

How to take proper snapshots / polas to apply for model agencies and castings

Don't ruin your chances when you apply for agencies or castings with inappropriate pictures.

July 2020

Famous Fashion Photographers You Should Know

I put a list together with the names of the greatest photographers who unfortunately have passed away but whose works are part of the history of fashion.

January 2020